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Getting back home

At times, when I like someone, I feel in a way derailed from my normal state of being. I am uncentered.
It always hurts a little when things break off. Whether it’s me or the other person who cuts the cord.

But then, I come back to me and it feels so good to be home.

Why do some relationships make us feel like we’ve been gone astray for a while? Like we’ve traveled to a destination where, with all the adventures and the interesting sites to visit, we weren’t that comfortable in.

It was fun, it was interesting, it was exciting, for a vacation … but I couldn’t have spent my whole life like that.

The relationship for life should make you feel like home, at all times.

Long lasting happiness

I’ve been out with some friends. A wine tasting event. Fun. Got a little dizzy, ate cheese, laughed, talked a lot. Pure fun.
Yet, when I draw the line, I know that I want more from life – from my life. I want meaning, I want to be sure – a sort of security. And I want to be free and to have the confidence I will continue to be free.
Theese are preconditions for my happiness. I am talking about that constant happiness. The kind of happiness that doesn’t feel slippery like a soap. The kind of hope you can grab, hold and keep for longer, the kind of happiness you feel it stays even as time passes.
I want that happiness. I want that confidence. I want eternity, not just moments. read more…

Information is … overwhelm

The fight today is to NOT stay constantly up to date. The struggle is to disconnect from the noise coming from the outside.

The struggle is to go back to yourself, to limit your area of interest to what is really important to you.

In order to manage your life and the space you are responsible for, what you need is to ignore the flood of information and advice coming your way.

The best advice and wisdom comes from within. You need silence and peace to hear it.  read more…

Free apps for goal and task management

With the end of year comes the goal setting mania, and I am definitely caught into it. For two weeks now I’ve been brainstorming goals, organized and broke them down into sub-goals and tasks.

Here is a list of free apps useful for goal setting and tracking:

  • WorkFlowy is great for breaking goals into sub-goals, tasks, for brainstorming and organizing projects. It is free for lists up to 250 items / month, but if you sign up through this link, you get 2x more free space / month.
    Pros: you can tag items and then search for all items with certain tags, you can create as many sub-items and sub-lists as you want, you can and notes to items and you share a list with someone else.
    Cons: you can not add reminders, this is why I recommend it as an organizing tool, for breaking projects into sub-projects, tasks and sub-tasks and for brainstorming.
  • Todo-ist is a task management software that you can use from multiple platforms: online, desktop, android, iOS. It has a paid version but the free version has enough features that there’s no need to pay for it.
    Pros: there are four levels for projects and sub-projects, five levels for tasks and sub-tasks, four levels of priority; the sub-tasks can be seen in the same view as the tasks; it recognizes smart-dates; it can be integrated in outlook and projects can be shared with more people.
    Cons: reminders are a paid version option, and so are comments, details and files added to tasks.
  • Wunderlist is similar to todoist and comes with even more features inside the free version.
    Pros: you can add reminders, comments, details and files to tasks in the free version; the app for mobile, tablet and iOS is very flexible, you can easily organize your tasks from any device; it supports smart-dates and tags and projects can be shared with other people.
    Cons: sub-tasks of a task are not visible from the list of tasks, you need to open that specific task to view them; it only has one priority level for tasks, but you can start the tasks with !, !!, !!!  or the letters of the alphabet and rearrange the them alphabetically or use search to view the tasks by priority level. read more…

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